Friday, May 14, 2010

DIY Safety Tips For Homeowners

Many homeowners decide to do routine electrical work themselves, even though they are not certified electricians. There is nothing wrong with doing simple electrical tasks, but what's most important is that homeowners are being safe. Here are a few tips and reminders I found from Way's Electric in Atlanta to make sure your DIY electrical work is done safely. Remember the electricity that travels through your home can seriously injure you if you don't put safety first or allow a certified electrician to perform dangerous tasks for you.

Even if you are a DIY homeowner, the first tip we can give you is to ensure that you do have a regular home electrical inspection performed by a certified electrician. Many of the horrific fires that start as a result of electrical problems such as faulty wiring, etc, could have easily been prevented if the homeowner had an electrical inspection performed. The question is, how can you tell when the last inspection was performed? Simple. Visit your electrical box and look for a label or sticker with a date on it which will usually be the date of last electrical inspection. If there happens to be no date or label at all, the general rule is to find out the age of your home and assume that the year it was built was the LAST inspection done! By ensuring your home is safe electrically, you can breath a little easier when you go to add outlets, change sockets or fiddle with installing new lighting.

The next thing you should ensure is that you are using the correct materials for your project. There are numerous different wires, outlets and other parts that need to be used depending on the voltage and amperage that you are working with. Common mistakes that homeowners make is assuming that all wires are the same or all sockets and outlets and dimmer switches are interchangeable. Please understand that this could not be further from the truth! The golden rule is that if you are not sure, STOP and call a Professional Electrician to come out and help you. The worst thing you can do for your family is save a few bucks but wire something improperly and blow out a TV or computer, or worse, cause a fire in your home. Live electricity is no laughing matter and the training that electricians go through to work safely is thorough and arduous for a reason!

Finally, and this may seem like a no brainer, turn off the electrical power supply to the section of the home you are working on! I know it seems silly to have to mention this, but whether out of laziness or lack of knowledge, many people each year electrocute themselves through believing the power in that little socket, or under that light fixture can't be enough to hurt them. This is a chief priority when it comes to doing any DIY project in your home. Don't be in such a rush that you end up flying across the room when you get a shock!

Again, there is nothing wrong with DIY electrical projects and hopefully these friendly reminders will help keep you a bit safer. Always remember that Professional Electricians go through extensive training and have the right tools and materials to get the job done properly and safely.

Our Professional Tampa Bay Area Electricians at E*Star Electric will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have by coming out to your home and hearing about your project. Call us today at (727) 209-3410 or visit our website!

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